Ed Dampier's self-released debut album 'Blues Deluxe' was always set to be an anomaly - an instrumental guitar record not completely given over to the mere demonstration of technical prowess, and a classic rock album looking forwards rather than backwards. Instead, Ed sets as his ideal Jimmy Page's mantra of 'light and shade', and this is evidenced in the collision of electric and acoustic, rhythm and lead playing, retro and avant-garde stylings. Tender fingerstyle melodies recalling Nick Drake run alongside brutal Zeppelin-influenced riffs, blues, feedback and a touch of the complexity of Jeff Beck and Eric Johnson. While elsewhere Rock and Blues are mere jumping off points in a stylistic diversity that encompasses Funk and Jazz, Spanish and Oriental music.

Although initially a wholly self-taught and intuitive musician, Ed studied upon arrival in London at the renowned Guitar Institute - gaining a grade of Distinction and furthering the diversity and skill of his repertoire whilst maintaining a signature style. Since that time he has worked on sessions with producers of the calibre of Tony Platt (AC/DC, Bob Marley, etc) and Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers). Unwilling, or perhaps unable to compromise his musical ideals in pursuit of immediate fame in a more mainstream context, Ed left behind various bands that failed to provide a full expression of his talents.

'Blues Deluxe' serves as that full expression. Orchestrating guitar parts sometimes after the manner of Classical composition, the performances and arrangements are never less than arresting. Ed is backed by a stellar session band comprising Yves Fernandez (Bass), Ed Carlile (Drums), and Andre Antonio (Keys/Percussion).



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